Lawrie Bagpipes, Flat Combed c. 1920s

Lawrie bagpipes, flat combed c. 1920s


Lawrie bagpipes, flat combed , c. 1920s.

Ivory rings and bushings, nickel ferrules and wooden projecting mounts. This bagpipe used to belong to Hector Campbell, Hillside, Inverness County, Cape Breton.

Hector was known as “Eachan Nill Thearlaich” (Hector, son of Neil, son of Charles) and was a noted story-teller and musician. These pipes were purchase second-hand in the United States for Hector by his brother when he was working in the States (Baltimore I believe) in the 1920s. The blowpipe has been sleeved as a preventative measure, and there are 2 surface cracks which do not go all the way through in the bass drone stock and bass mid-section but I have owned and played these pipes from time to time without any issue for the past 25 years. They produce a delightful tone. The chanter is original although not stamped and has been whipped by an earlier hand. A plastic Nail chanter can be added to the set for an additional 150.00. Cost 1800 dollars CDN plus shipping. Email me (click 'Contact' above) with any questions regarding this set or other items on my web site.